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We have been cooperating with the public limited company Telekom Slovenia in the segment of information technology since 2012, when we began setting the work standards according to the BPM system and formed the processes on the IBM platform. Later on, we handled the development of BPM processes for managing materials for the needs of the management, as well as the BPM process for discounts, configuration, and upgrade of the catalogue by taking inventory of the web services installed on the IBM, JBoss, and Oracle environments, and also for the development and upgrade of e-forms, description and documentation of the Quota server, and development of the TRM system. We also implemented the first cloud platform IBM Pureapplication system, developed the architecture, and managed the full IBM infrastructure.

Our cooperation with Telekom is mostly done as outsourced services – hiring external services and personnel. Our experts in the company full-time, where they conduct the agreed-upon tasks in constant cooperation with their employees, so they can promptly and effectively resolve business and technical issues of the customer, and fulfil the customer’s planned strategies in business process management.


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Plutal, founded in 1912 in Ljubljana, is a renowned European and global closure manufacturer. Since January 2001, it is a member of the German corporate group Rauh, one of the leading global manufacturers of closures. An optimised, controlled, and managed production process is essential for their production. By using the state-of-the-art technology in the field of mobile solutions – IBM Mobilefirst Platform Foundation v8, we helped the company in implementing information support for their production process. Now, the management has constant access to all production progress information, which is required to make the right business decisions. At the same time, its employees have access to information on incomplete and prioritised production processes.

We presented the optimisation project of Plutal in 2014 at the largest global congress, IBM Innovation Software, in Las Vegas, which was attended by over 25,000 IT experts from around the world.


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The system, which we called BOPRO, is intended for tracking the needs of members of the Slovenian pensioners’ organisations. The main purpose of the project is to have older volunteers visiting the elderly over the age of 69 in their vicinity, asking them about their situation, and, on the basis of acquired information, organising assistance, if needed. The programme is composed of two parts: the online application and the central database of the Slovenian Federation of Pensioners’ Organisations. Individual organisations use the programme primarily for entering data from questionnaires conducted in the field. Data entered using this method is uploaded via the Internet to the central database, which performs statistical analyses to acquire the information needed for improving the lifestyle of the pensioners.

Throughout the project duration, we have been providing hosting for the programme on our servers, as well as user support and computer training (education) courses for volunteers, persons entering data, and users for using this programme.


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The Pension and Disability Insurance Institute of Slovenia manages the unified and compulsory pensions and disability insurance for the entire Republic of Slovenia, with nine regional units and four branches that, pursuant to applicable regulations, record, collect, and check the validity of data on the insured persons, which are required for providing insurance and exercising rights under the pension and disability insurance. The Institute hired our company for assisting in the migration and optimisation of their business systems, which was developed on IBM BPM 8.0.1 platform, and later also for the transition to the new user interfaces in IBM BPM 8.5.5. environment. Throughout this time, we have been assisting them in troubleshooting of the business systems and the IBM BPM platform.


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Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d. d. is part of one of the biggest international banking group, Intesa Sanpaolo, which operates in over forty countries throughout the world and ranks among the safest banks in the world.

We cooperated with Intesa Sanpaolo in integrating the IBM BMP platform into the bank’s whole information system, consulting on the IBM BPM platform management, participate in upgrading the IBM BPM version and participate in the development of certain business processes through which the bank has contributed to increasing the efficiency of processes, reducing and contributed a significant share to the digitization of the entire banking business.


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We have been cooperating with the pharmaceutical company Lek, which employs about 4,000 people in Slovenia, since 2004, when we, using a common vision, built one of the first user help centres in the IT segment in Slovenia. Since then, we are the exclusive provider of user support, 24/7, and we also manage some other projects in the field of informatics: ENGINE, PCLCM, ClientVision, and CONNECT.

The services of our user support call centre in Lek include: receiving customer calls and documenting incidents in a special application, categorising reported incidents and assisting users with information infrastructure problems, configuring and distributing computer equipment, standby services and support for other projects in the IT field (per agreement). Our experts in Lek carry out over 1,800 hours of user assistance and respond to over 5,000 user calls per month (annual average).


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Geoplin is the largest trader of natural gas and one of the key energy companies in Slovenia.

We concluded an agreement with Geoplin for operation and maintenance of the information system for submitting usage of natural gas – Gemalogic. We performed an upgrade of the information system to make it compatible with the new interface Plinovodi d.o.o. for the exchange of data (DDP) and the transfer of usage data to the Geoplin web application, including the services of setting, testing, preparing the documentation, and educating users.


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The Faculty of Social Work has been using our services for quite a few years. The Faculty has thus rented a server in our data centre, which allows safe storage of data, desktop and host virtualisation, server operating systems, storage, archiving, and restoration of data, as well as all support services.

Furthermore, the Faculty of Social Work also uses the A-soft user support – our expert is available at the Faculty throughout the day to provide assistance and support for users and employees working with the Faculty information system, and also advises them on other projects and tasks related to the information and communication technologies.