Various studies by companies and leading business consultants found that companies spent the most money on integration, maintenance, and execution of existing business capacities, instead of investing in innovation and creating now capacities. An increasing number of companies thus looks for new way to increase the adaptability of business processes, to strengthen the information structure on which they are based, and to keep and reuse existing assets. The real answer to their needs is Service-Oriented Architecture – SOA. This is an adaptable and durable infrastructure for designing, constructing, implementing, and managing business processes suitable for the current, on-demand business environment. It is cost-effective, modular, and scalable, meaning that the total SOA solution, adapted to your needs, can be implemented when and how you wish.

A close and strong connection between business operations and IT is essential for greater adaptability of information assets and successful resolution of real business problems – e.g. upgrading services for customers, integration with business partners, or acquiring a unified customer view. And SOA offers customisable connections and qualitatively defined standard interfaces that allow companies to increase adaptability of existing infrastructures. SOA services can be reused in numerous situations, regardless if dealing with new services or existing information assets.