Nowadays, it is not enough to have the right information at the right time; we want to access information from anywhere and at any time. Every moment, we want to know how our company operations, and have the option of influencing the business processes and decisions.

Mobile solutions are innovation solutions for managing business processes with mobile devices, where information is linked in real-time with the business information system.

The solutions are intended for support of the following processes or needs:

  • process management in production or other segment (work orders, determining or resolving defects, transfers between production phases, production status), elimination of bottlenecks in production, ensuring an uninterrupted productions process
  • providing information for management (order realisation, production status, inventory status, raw materials status, optimisation of production processes, machinery utilisation and quality, employee productivity, raw materials control)

Optimise your business operations with our mobile solutions and improve the business that you know best!