It is very important for every company or organisation to carry our business processes efficiently, and they often computerise said processes to achieve better results, as IT very often allows many changes that lead to greater business efficiency and effectiveness. Optimisation of business processes leads to faster process execution and eliminations of excess activities and bottlenecks, reduces costs due to shorter execution time and better usage of resources, increases productivity, since employees no longer deal with less important tasks and automate individual tasks, increases quality of products and services because of better control – in short, all processes in a business organisations run faster and will lower costs.

In A-soft, we provide the following services in the field of optimisation and computerisation of business processes, based on our wealth of experience:

  • survey of business processes
  • preparation of technical specifications or plans for IT support for processes
  • software development
  • installation of new IT solution
  • user training for managing new IT solutions
  • implementation of process management efficiency measuring system
  • supervision, support, and consultancy for the new IT solutions