A-soft organises computer courses for adults. These are carried out in the form of educational workshops, where participants work through many practical examples from their own work environment, which ensures excellent results. The highly qualified and communicative lecturer is helped by the assistant, who, in the event of a large group, assists individual participants, thus ensuring high quality of the training course. Every participant in the course receives the educational material, adapted to the training plan or specific course programme, as well as a certificate of course completions at the end of the course.

The courses are organised in a modern equipped classroom in our facilities in Logatec, where every participant is provided their own computer, or at the premises of our customer, where the customer provides the necessary computer equipment. Per request of a customer, our company can also provide all the necessary equipment of a mobile classroom, free of charge. Furthermore, we provide computer courses throughout Slovenia, as we’ve leased 16 computer classrooms in all major cities. Per agreement, we can also conduct prior testing and prepare proposals for educational groups, in accordance with their prior knowledge.

We mainly organised basic and advanced computer courses for Microsoft products: MS Word, Excel, Project, Access, PowerPoint, Visio, Excel PowerPivot. We organise other courses per request and in accordance with prior agreement with a customer.