Nowadays, with the rapid development of IT, it is practically impossible to follow all the changes and continuously invest into one’s own IT. Under the strain of reducing costs and increasing the development of new business models, IT management must therefore efficiently and effectively employ its personnel, processes, and products (tools and technology), while at the same time retain and improve the quality of business services and contribute to the maximum profit of the company. For this reason, an increasing number of organisations, with their challenges and problems, turns to A-soft, as an external IT services provider. Business process management, development and integration of new applications, and management of heterogeneous environments are just some of the factors that contribute to the effective support for our customers. Successful long-term cooperation is based on the trust developed through time, and requires understanding of the customer’s business strategy as well as its vision. Technology is only a means for the development of effective business tools, whereas services can transform technology into a competitive advantage. By understanding the strategy of a customer’s company and actively cooperating in planning the solution architecture that ensures an effective support for business operations, A-soft transforms the selected technology into a service that provides flexible and open infrastructure, thereby ensuring a more effective support for business processes and integration with other systems, regardless of their brand.