Social responsibility

In A-soft, we strive to be socially responsible, and we therefore support various sport, cultural, and humanitarian projects and individuals. Each year, we participate at the Managerial Concerts, a donor’s event for talented young musician, and we’ve sponsored the Olimpija Basketball Club and the Extrem Sports Club. Each year, we also award some donations and sponsor some primary schools, as well as the Police Trade Union of Slovenia and the Slovenian Federation of Pensioners' Organisations.

Care for employees

In our company, we maintain a caring and friendly relationship with our employees and their families, as we are well aware that employee satisfaction reflects in the quality and efficiency of all business operations of our company. We thus take care of our employees on multiple levels: with regular training and education courses, with bonuses, with adaptable working hours and option of working from home, if needed, as well as with various social events that we organise multiple times per year especially for them. But our greatest special feature is the massage room: every other Tuesday, during working hours, our employees are visited by a masseuse called Maja, to help them reduce the stress on the spine and shoulders.